Renee Mesh is a professional Job Search Consultant and Owner at RMesh Associates, LLC. She excels at working with individuals through the various stages of a personalized and focused job search, including creating targeted resumes and cover letters, providing interview preparation and coaching and developing comprehensive job search strategies and tools for maximum impact.

Renee has over 10 years of professional experience working at a variety of businesses from start-ups through Fortune 500 companies where she gained knowledge and an appreciation for numerous aspects of working in and running businesses. 

Before creating RMesh Associates, Renee honed her skills in Human Resources, Recruiting and Hiring in a variety of industries and organizations. This experience provided Renee with an inside view of how companies hire and realized the most fulfilling aspect was finding the perfect career fit for those searching for their next opportunity.

Renee started RMesh Associates to help individuals looking for a more fulfilling career.

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